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October 6, 2011
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-Warning: This story contains shipping between the mane cast. It also contains references to the Silent Ponyville continuity and takes place two and half months after Silent Ponyville 2. Reading it is not required but recommended.-


"Alright, hello everyone and welcome to the Wonderbolt Auditions!" Spitfire announced walking before the group of eager young fliers before her, "We've never really done this 'open auditions' thing before so it's kind of a new experience for everyone. However, we're confident that you're going to show us your stuff and the best of the best will have the honor of joining us, the Wonderbolts!"

Rainbow Dash felt tense as she stood amongst the crowd of fliers around her. There was a lot more potential new recruits than she had thought there were going to be. And she knew well enough that there was only maybe two or three positions open on the team at best. Out of all the potential flyers to get in, she felt like a single rain drop in a storm trying to hit a tiny target.

She knew it didn't make sense to feel nervous, that she'd only fly worse because of it. She knew she had to be confident, but something wasn't letting her be. She knew Spitfire was still talking but the words felt like they were being drowned out by her doubt. What was holding her back?

"You can do it Rainbow Dash, I believe in you." Fluttershy encouraged her.

Oh right…that was what was holding her back.

"-So if you all understand we'll be starting to the tryouts." Spitfire's voice finally reached her and dragged her back to reality, "You'll each have five minutes to tryout. Good luck everyone." Spitfire smiled to the group before turning to rejoin the other Wonderbolts.

All at once the group of aspiring young fliers began to file into the preparation room, awaiting their chance to show off and impress the Wonderbolts. Dash moved along with them, her mind whirling with confusion.

The waiting room was packed full of the young fliers, all nervously chatting away with each other about their hopes and aspirations, making friends amongst possible rivals while other seemed to wish death upon all of them. Male, female, young, old, there seemed to be so many different types of ponies here, all with different types of flying styles.

But none of that was going through the rainbow-headed pegasus's mind.

"Fluttershy I've kind of been…thinking." Rainbow Dash said nervously.

"What's the matter?" Fluttershy asked curiously, looking at her marefriend.

"About this whole…you having a foal thing…" Fluttershy blinked curiously, "I…I was thinking we should maybe…wait…you know?"

"O-Oh? Is something that matter?" Fluttershy asked, looking a little hurt.

"D-don't get me wrong! I'm all for the idea!" Rainbow Dash quickly spoke up seeing that look on her face, "But the Wonderbolt open auditions are happening soon. A-And…" Dash rubbed her front leg looking away, "I don't know what my schedule will be like if I get accepted…o-or if I'll even be accepted…so…before we go making a big commitment like this, I…I want to make sure I'll have time to be around for our kid…you know?"

"Oh…I understand." Fluttershy smiled softly, but Dash couldn't tell if it was sincere or not. "I guess we shouldn't rush this after all. It is a big decision."

"Yea, exactly. I know you want to hurry, but we've got plenty of time." Dash smiled trying to comfort her marefriend.

"Hey." Rainbow was snapped from her thoughts as she felt someone push her from behind. She quickly whipped her head around, "They're calling you! Get out there!"

"Number thirteen!" Came the announcers voice once again.

"O-Oh, right." Rainbow looked at the number on her flank, reading the thirteen that was placed there, before quickly moving to the front of the crowd. Had she really lost that track of time that much in her own thoughts? 'There's no way I'm ready for this.' She felt herself gulp as she stepped out into the fresh open air, walking across the clouds toward a small table that was set up. Behind which she could see her idols, waiting to judge her performance.

"Oh hey, it's you again. Rainbow Dash right?" Spitfire smiled from behind the table.

"You…you remembered my name?" Rainbow asked stunned looking at her idol. The gala had been at least half a year ago at this point. Winter was going to be around the corner and yet Spitfire had remembered her name from their brief encounters.

"Of course, it's not easy to forget the name of the one who won the best young fliers contest, saved us and crashed the gala." Spitfire chuckled softly recalling everything.

"And she saved my pie!" Soarin grinned next to Spitfire.

"Ah-haha…yea…" Rainbow said trying to laugh off her embarrassment, "I guess all that is kind of…memorable."

"So, are you ready to audition? We've been impressed with your flying so far after all." Spitfire complimented Rainbow Dash.

"Oh…uh…audition…right…y-yea I guess I'm ready." Rainbow said taking a deep breath to try and steady her nerves.

"You guess?" Spitfire asked stopping Rainbow in her tracks, "Are you nervous?"

"…I…I…" Rainbow hesitated, "I guess I am…but not really about my ability to audition. I guess I'm nervous about what happens after my audition."

"You're worried you won't get accepted?"

"…Actually…no…" Rainbow steadied herself and began to explain, "See, back home I have a marefriend that, well, things are getting pretty serious between us. And joining the Wonderbolts has been my dream for as long as I can remember and I know how much time you guys spend traveling Equestria to perform shows, practicing your routines and that new recruits have a one year training program to ensure they can learn the formations and build unity amongst the team." Rainbow took in a breath, "And I've been worried that joining the Wonderbolts would mean that…I wouldn't have time for her anymore…that I'd lose her because I couldn't be there for her."

There was a moment of silence after Rainbow's quick breathed rant. The Wonderbolt's seemed to look at each other in thought and Rainbow was sure what was going through their heads.

"Hey Soarin, aren't you dating some girl long distance?" Spitfire asked curiously.

"Yea I am!" Soarin grinned, "She's a sweet piece of pie she is." He boasted proudly.

"How's that working out?"

"It's working out great! She sends me a letter, I send her a letter. Usually I get and send about two a week." Soarin chuckled while grinning broadly, "And since our shows will be stopping for winter soon and her tour will be over around the same time we're going to be spending our vacation together." He said excitedly.

"Well, that works for Soarin and his girl, would that work for you?" Spitfire asked curiously turning back to Rainbow Dash.

"I…I dunno…I uhm…" Rainbow stumbled again trying to think over her options.

"Tell you what, we've still got a lot of auditions to go through, and we'll be here till our last show of the year next month. Why don't you go home, talk it over with your marefriend and when you're ready come back and audition for real?"

"Really? You'd do that for me?" Rainbow asked shocked yet excited by this proposal.

"Sure. We already know you can fly well, you did win the Best Young Fliers competition after all. Once you've figured things out feel free to come back. Just be sure you come back before our last show alright? If you don't we'll assume you choose to stay with your marefriend till we look for a new member of the team again, which, who knows when that'll be." Spitfire chuckled.

"Oh thank you! Thank you so much!" Rainbow said jumping into the air and flapping her wings excitedly, "I promise you won't regret letting me come back and audition! I'll figure something out and then I'll come back and knock your socks off!" Rainbow said grinning excitedly, before turning to the sky and flying off.

'So…I have a month to figure this out. To join the Wonderbolts, to keep Fluttershy…what do I do…' Rainbow dash pondered as she streaked through the sky, heading back to Ponyville.
Cover art by :iconlunafyre: once again. It felt appropriate to have her do the cover for the sequel of Too Shy for a Rainbow since she did the cover art for the first one X3

WELCOME ONE AND ALL! Welcome to my second Shipping fic and the sequel to my first one! Too Shy for a Rainbow has now officially been followed up by 'The Rainbow's Surprise'.

Now of course this is ALSO tied into the Silent Ponyville canon, however this one won't play AS BIG of a role in the future.

What could be the Rainbow's surprise be? Well I guess you'll have to wait for the next chapters! When will they be?

Well I have a lot of work coming up so hopefully Chapter 1 will be out soon enough, sorry guys, work tired me out like nobodies business~

Google docs: [link]

Now with 20% less Chef Hat.
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TheKoboldNecromancer Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Student Writer
"Of course, it's not easy to forget the name of the one who won the best young fliers contest, saved us and crashed the gala." Spitfire chuckled softly recalling everything.

"And she saved my pie!" Soarin grinned next to Spitfire.


Methinks Soarin is a little simple minded, eh? ;)
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