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-This Fic Contains Shipping between the Mane Cast. If you're not into shipping, it's not a required read. The rest of you, enjoy freely! ^_^-

Chapter 1

"Hey, are you down here?" Came the cracking voice of a developing Pegasus as she flew down from the cloud city of Cloudsdale.

Fluttershy's ear perked up as she looked up at the sky from the ground, the animal friends that had gathered around her beginning to move away, returning to their lives before she had arrived.

"There you are." The rainbow haired Pegasus said landing on the ground next to the skinny-legged yellow Pegasus, "What're you doing down here? You missed the whole race! Which I won, of course!" The Rainbow Pegasus back flipped in the air before landing on the ground next to her.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not a very good flyer so when I fell I panicked and wasn't able to stop myself…but the animals down here stopped my fall. I helped them out for their kindness, and look," Fluttershy stood up and turned her body so the rainbow haired Pegasus could see, "I just got my Cutie Mark for it." she showed off the three butterflies that adorned her flank.

"Really? I just got my Cutie Mark too!" The rainbow pegasus said showing off the awesome lightning bolt, "That race showed me my serious need for speed!" Rainbow quickly zipped around the trees in the area, rustling leaves off of trees as she moved quickly. She stopped before Fluttershy again, smiling proudly.

"So how come you're not a good flyer? The whole point of the Summer Flight Camp is to get better, have you not been practicing?" The rainbow Pegasus asked curiously.

"W-Well…I…didn't practice at home…" Fluttershy squeaked softly,   "And…I'm not doing too well in my classes…" She shuffled her hoof against the ground. "I've been trying…but I was told if I don't pick up my grades I'll be kicked out…" she mumbled shyly.

"Well, how about I teach you then?" The eager Pegasus grinned.

"W-What? You'd…do that for me?" Fluttershy said, shocked at the kindness this filly offered.

"Sure! I love flying so much that I'd love to share the feeling with others!" The Pegasus let out a laugh, "It sounds like fun! My name's Rainbow Dash, by the way."

"O-Oh…I-I'm Fluttershy…" Fluttershy replied quietly.

"Nice to meet you Fluttershy, now come on, we should get back to the camp before one of the councilors starts wondering where we are." Rainbow said quickly pointing to the cloud city above them.

"Oh…right." Fluttershy having forgotten all about their supervision, she turned to her animal friends and waved to them, "Bye friends, I'll come and visit, I promise." She smiled softly. She then unfurled her wings and began to flap, picking herself up slowly.

"…Wow, you really are struggling, aren't you?" Rainbow said inspecting Fluttershy's technique.

"I-I'm sorry…" Fluttershy apologized as she did her best to fly next to Rainbow Dash.

"Are you sure you can make it back to the camp on your own?"

"I should be able to…" Fluttershy mumbled quietly.

"Well alright, come on then." Rainbow said, dashing off, almost instantly out of sight. Fluttershy began her slow flight behind her. Rainbow quickly flew back next to Fluttershy, looking a little annoyed.

"You can't fly any faster than that?" Rainbow asked impatiently.

"I-I'm sorry…" Fluttershy apologized again.

"Ugh." Rainbow put a hoof to her face, "Alright, we'll go at your pace…as boring as it is." The two of them slowly made their way back to the clouds.


"It's been a while since I last saw your cottage." Rainbow Dash said walking through the living room of Fluttershy's house, "I still think clouds make a comfier home though." She noted the wood flooring.

"Well, maybe, but then my animals wouldn't be able to stay inside." Fluttershy said, peeking her head around from the door to her kitchen, "Besides, I like being close to the ground. It's comforting." She chuckled softly before heading back to her boiling pots. She inhaled the aroma of what she was cooking, gauging where it was in its development.

She stirred one casually with a spoon, while another she poured in a tad bit of seasoning. She then carefully opened the oven door to check on how the things inside were baking.

'Everything looking delicious!' Fluttershy thought with a bit of glee, 'I just need to finish preparing the appetizers~' she closed the oven door and walked over to her counter, as she carefully prepared the salads. She had paid the extra expense for the freshest greens and flowers she could find, and then topped off with the fresh apples from Applejack, these would be the best salads she ever made. 'I hope Rainbow dash will like them.'

"Hey Fluttershy…why is this rabbit looking at me angrily?" Rainbow's voice came from the living room.

Fluttershy's attention was instantly diverted, as she quickly looked around the corner again. There was indeed the familiar white rabbit, standing on a table looking at Rainbow Dash with a glare, his arms crossed.

"Angel bunny!" Fluttershy quickly walked over to the angry bunny, who proceeded to look at her with an eyebrow raised, "You know better than to be rude to our guest." Angel simply huffed and turned his head away from Fluttershy. "Now now Angel, be nice. I promise, I have a special treat for you for dinner as well, so promise me you'll be good?"

Angel let out an exasperated sigh as he smacked his forehead. He then hopped off the table, heading for his bed.

"Heh, you sure do have a way with animals." Rainbow said watching the bunny hop off, "But what's with the attitude on that one?"

"Oh, he's just always kind of been that way. He's certainly the most opinionated of all the animals here, but he's also been the most helpful." Fluttershy smiled as she spoke, "He helps me take care of the other animals, helps me keep track of my schedule when I forget important events, he even helps me speak up when I don't have the confidence to speak up for myself."

"That little guy does all that?" Rainbow Dash said surprised.

"Oh yes. Angel's a very big help, I don't know what I'd do without him." Fluttershy was smiling happily. However, her thoughts were interrupted as a pillow flew by, hitting her in the face.

"Uh well…your little helper just threw a pillow at you." Rainbow Dash pointed out.

"Uh…" Fluttershy said, looking at Angel. He was pointing behind her to the kitchen. "Oh! That's right! The food!" Fluttershy quickly ran back into the kitchen. She quickly went to the stove and turned down the heat, her soup was about to boil over and make a huge mess in the kitchen. It quickly settled down as she sighed in relief.

"The food smells great by-the-way." Dash complimented as she walked into the kitchen, smelling the air, "I can't cook very well, so the most I eat usually ends up just being quickly thrown together sandwiches."

"Oh, well I don't mind cooking for you at all." Fluttershy said honestly, "You should vary up your diet more; it's good for you." Fluttershy smiled before carefully picking up a cloth in her mouth and opening the oven door. She reached in and gingerly pulled out the hot tray, on top of it were the fully cooked desserts of her own design, a special cherry-apple turnover with the pastry sweetened with a cooked sugar coating. It was a simple recipe, but one she came up with herself and she was proud of it. She placed the hot tray down on the counter.

"Oh wow, those look awesome." Rainbow Dash licking her lips at the dessert Fluttershy had just pulled out.

"Now now Dash, the desserts are for after dinner." Fluttershy chuckled as she walked over to the salads, "It'll all be ready in just a few more minutes." She finished slicing up the apples to place on top of the salads.

"Yea yea, just hurry it up, I'm starving!" Rainbow said eagerly as she walked back into the living room.

Fluttershy carefully placed the apple slices on the salads, arranging them neatly. She couldn't help but smile at her work, she had made sure to decorate them just for this occasion.

'Okay, appetizers are done, Soup is done, and Dessert is done.' Fluttershy said making a mental note of everything she had finished, 'And the main course…' she said looking over at the last pot on the stove. She pulled out a small portion of the pasta, tasting it. 'Main course cooked to perfection.' She smiled happily, turning the heat off and carefully pouring the contents of the pot into a strainer in the sink. She put the drained pasta into a bowl and began to carefully season the main dish.

'Everything is coming together wonderfully!' Fluttershy said cheerfully in her mind, 'Oh, I hope she likes everything. She said it smelled good, but I hope she'll actually like the taste. It's been ever-so-long since I got Rainbow Dash alone to myself, I hope she's enjoying herself…'

Fluttershy blushed at her own thoughts; she'd hadn't realized how forward her thoughts felt. She lightly shook her head and finished preparing the pasta. She'd have plenty of time to think about everything once she'd finished having a pleasant time with Rainbow Dash.

She moved quickly to set up the table for the two of them, placing two plates, followed by the proper utensils needed, then placing the salads first next to the plates. She pulled out two bowls and quickly ladled the soup into each, before placing them next to the soup. She then grabbed the big bowl of pasta and placed it in the center of the table.

Fluttershy scrutinized the table; she wanted everything to be absolutely perfect.

'Am I missing anything here? Is there something I could add to make it better?' She asked herself contemplating the table. She'd draped it with her favorite white table cloth, which was embroidered with a simple flower pattern. She knew it was likely to get a few stains on it tonight, with how messy an eater Rainbow could be, but she didn't mind, she'd gladly wash out any stains.

'Would candles be too much? Would she get the wrong idea…or would that be a good thing, but how would she feel about them?' She rubbed her hooves together a little torn about setting up lit candles, it evoked images of a romantic candlelit dinner in her mind, but she still wasn't sure if Rainbow Dash even felt anything similar to how she did…

'O-Oh…I could set them up and say they're for better lighting if she asks!' The idea quickly popped into her head. She went into her pantry and pulled out two long-white candles and their stands, setting them up on either side of the table. She carefully lit them with the matches, the candles giving off a soft glow different from the light of the lanterns around the house.

'Okay…I think that's everything.' Fluttershy inspected the table one last time, before finally being satisfied enough to invite the rainbow-haired Pegasus to join her for dinner.

"Alright, Dinner is read-" she stopped herself as she looked into the living room, surprised at what was happening.

"Oh, I'm going to get you, you pesky rabbit!" Rainbow laughed as she gripped a pillow in her mouth, chasing after the white rabbit, trying to smack Angel with it.

Angel was equally guilty, hopping away from Rainbow at top speed with a pillow in his forelegs. The two of them had caused pillow feathers to start flying about the room; the two rough-housing critters were making a mess.

In a quick leap, Angel jumped into the air, bouncing off of the cottage walls and straight at Rainbow Dash. The two of them crashed, falling to the cottage floor sending a pile of feathers into the air. Rainbow Dash laughed as the feathers fell around her, the bunny lying on her back.

"Alright, you're pretty fun, I admit." Rainbow said standing up, the bunny sliding off of Rainbow's back. The rabbit landed and turned its head away from Rainbow, dusting its hands before hopping off.

"What was that all about?" Fluttershy asked, frowning a little at the mess that had piled up in her living room.

"Oh, your rabbit threw a pillow at me after I came back out, so I had to show him who was boss." Rainbow gloated while smiling, "Though it really worked up my appetite, is the food ready?" she asked eagerly.

"Actually it is, I was coming to get you." Fluttershy smiled, 'I'll clean up this mess after dinner.' The pile of feathers bothered her, but she had just prepared a fine dinner for Rainbow Dash, she wasn't about to let that go to waste.

"Awesome! I'm starved." Rainbow said quickly heading for the table.

"I just have to give Angel his dinner and then I'll be ready to eat too." Fluttershy smiled. She quickly walked over to where she had prepared a special dish for Angel tonight, so that he would be on his best behavior during the dinner. A special carrot and flower casserole, his favorite.

She quickly walked back over to Angel, who had found his way to his bed, kicking back with a proud grin on his face. Fluttershy placed the bowl down next to his bed.

"Now Angel," Fluttershy said quietly so only Angel could hear, he looked up at her curiously, "I made you your favorite dinner, so will you please be on your best behavior tonight, for me?" Fluttershy smiled sweetly as she blinked her eyes, trying to get the bunny to cooperate.

Angel looked at her almost as if he was bored. He tapped his hands together, wiped his forehead, and then pointed at Fluttershy.

"I know you have the best of intentions for me…uhm, most of the time, but pretty please, just for tonight, let me handle it on my own?" She pleaded with her bunny.

Angel swept his arm over his chest, patted his back and pointed at Fluttershy.

"Alright, thank you Angel." She smiled happily before heading back into the kitchen.

Rainbow Dash was already half-way through her salad by the time Fluttershy sat back at her end of the table.

"Wow Fluttershy, you really are a good cook." Rainbow licked her lips as the last of the salad disappeared into her mouth. Fluttershy had slowly started to make a dent into her salad.

"Thanks, that means a lot." Fluttershy blushed softly, looking off to the side, hoping Rainbow Dash wouldn't see her red face.

"Hey, how come the pasta doesn't have any sauce?" Rainbow said curiously, pulling a large glob of it onto her plate.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did you want sauce? I don't really prefer them myself so I usually just give them extra seasonings and cover them in cheese. I-I can quickly make you some though." Fluttershy almost panicked, ready to get up and cook again.

"Oh, no there's no need Fluttershy." Rainbow slurped up one of the noodles, "It's different, but it's good. I've just never had sauce-less pasta before is all." Rainbow took a large glob of pasta into her mouth, chewing and swallowing along the way. She really was a messy eater, but she seemed to be enjoying herself. "How'd you get the noodles to taste so good? Usually their awfully bland." Rainbow complimented.

"O-Oh, that's easy, just add salt to the water you're going to boil the noodles in, if you make the water about the same consistency as salt water the salt will cook to the noodles. It not only adds flavor, but it makes it easier for seasonings, cheese and sauce to actually stick to the noodles rather than just slide off." Fluttershy explained with her knowledge of cooking.

"Huh, salt? I never would've guessed! You sure do know a lot about cooking." Rainbow Dash put the pasta down for a moment to begin sampling Fluttershy's soup.

"Oh, it's nothing really." Fluttershy blushed again, "I just learned over time. A lot of the animals eat different types of food, so I just felt I should figure out what's best."

"It pays off." Rainbow Dash said, picking up the bowl of soup and gulping it down, finishing it one big swig. "I'd love some more of this soup!" She grinned a sloppy grin at Fluttershy.

"Certainly." Fluttershy chuckled happily as she grabbed Rainbow's bowl and flew over to the stove. She was almost giggling internally, 'She's really loving my dinner~' she thought as she felt like she was glowing. She quickly refilled Rainbow's bowl with the soup, flying back. Fluttershy went to place the bowl down next to Rainbow Dash.

Suddenly, a ballistic carrot soared through the air crashing into the edge of the bowl, the dish falling forward and landing on Rainbow's head. Rainbow let out a cry as in a panic she opened her wings and flew backwards, flailing her limbs. Her leg kicked the empty salad bowl, sending it launching across the room as her back hit hard against the wall. A shelf holding various knick-knacks fell down, sending more items hurling towards the wall. One of the knick-knacks struck the table, knocking one of the candles over onto the table. A loud crash echoed as the spices on the spice rack fell and began to roll on the ground, the little mice that had been living in their holes scurrying out in fright.

Fluttershy tried her best to help Rainbow, but was hit by flying spices, sending plumes of debris into the air.

"Ah-ah-ACHOO" She sneezed beyond her control, as she tried to land and stabilize herself, only to find her foot on a round cylinder, sending her careening backwards and latching onto her fridge door. The door swung open, sending the contents spilling out. The unstable fridge door swung itself fully open, dragging Fluttershy along with it as she hit her pantry door. The door let out an audible crack as it fell inward; a large bag of flower that had been sitting at the top was jarred loose and fell on top of the frightened Pegasus.

Rainbow coughed loudly as she lifted the bowl from her eyes to see what had happened. From where she sat on the ground she could see a haze of a white slowly clearing as the sound of frantic animals scattered from the kitchen. She could make out the sounds of mice and birds, though there were a few cries she was unfamiliar with.

In moments the kitchen settled down and the dust faded. Fluttershy groaned as she sat up from near the fridge, covered in splotches of white all over her mane and coat.

"Ugh…Fluttershy, you okay?" Rainbow asked shaking her mane, trying to get most of the soup off of her.

Rainbow only heard a terrified squeak reply. She wasn't sure if that was good or not. She removed the bowl from her head and carefully navigated the wreckage that covered the kitchen floor over to Fluttershy's side. She carefully closed the fridge as she looked at the shaking yellow Pegasus.

"Fluttershy? Are you hurt?" Rainbow asked, gently placing a hoof on her shoulder.

Fluttershy slowly shook her head. She wasn't hurt physically. But there felt like there was a clamp on her heart. Tears were burning at the edge of her eyes as she felt the weight of her whole dinner ruined right before her.

"Oh, good, I was worried you were hurt." Rainbow sighed as she began to dust Fluttershy off a little, "This is uh…quite a mess huh." Rainbow chuckled, trying to make it not seem as serious.

"I-I'm…s-sor…ry…" Fluttershy mumbled quietly, almost inaudibly.

"What was that?" Rainbow asked, "I didn't catch that."

"I'm…sorry…" Fluttershy mumbled a little louder, but her voice trailed.

"Come on Fluttershy, I've told you before to speak louder. Now what're you trying to say?" Rainbow said nudging her shoulder, trying to get her to speak up.

"I'm sorry, okay!?" Fluttershy cried out as she turned her head away from Rainbow Dash. Rainbow was a little shocked to hear the outcry from her timid friend, "I'm…sorry…" Fluttershy said more calmly this time, "The…The whole dinner is ruined now…" her voice shook as she tried to hold herself back from crying, "I just wanted you to enjoy a good meal…a-and now it's all over the floor." She pointed to the pot that had been on the stove that had been knocked over in the chaos, soup covering the floor.

"Aw, come on Fluttershy, it's okay, really." Rainbow laughed as he tried to cheer up her friend, "I got most of it in me before the whole mess. I got plenty to eat, and what I did was delicious."

"…R-Really?" Fluttershy asked wiping on of her eyes with her hoof.

"Absolutely! Best meal I've had in ages! I can't even remember when I had a meal so awesome." Rainbow laughed excitedly.

A small smile appeared on Fluttershy as she heard those words. Despite the mess, she'd enjoyed herself. The clamp that had been tight on her heart seemed to loosen.

"…Well…I-I'm glad you enjoyed it…" Fluttershy said as she shifted to stand up, moving the flower bag from leaning against her. "But you're covered in my soup now…would you like a bath?" Fluttershy offered.

"A bath sounds great." Rainbow said wanting to shake herself, but didn't want to get more soup everywhere, "But what about you? You're a mess too."

"Uh…w-well I have to start cleaning first…I'll be a mess anyway, so you take a bath first and I'll start cleaning."  Fluttershy said smiling.

"Well…alright, if you say so." Rainbow said nodding, flapping her wings and heading for the bathroom so she wouldn't leave too big of a messy trail behind her.

Once Rainbow Dash was out of sight she let out a big sigh as she looked around the messy kitchen. She then looked over at the table, seeing the remnants of the dinner. Her poor favorite table cloth, she had used it for such a special occasion, but not it was barely recognizable. She slowly walked over to it, noticing that the candle that had fallen over was still lit, burning her precious table cloth. She quickly smothered the flame with one of the wet napkins on the table.

"Oooh…the stains might have come out, but this never will." She sulked as she looked at the burnt, black portion of her table cloth. "Well…at least she had a good meal." Fluttershy said trying to look at things on the bright side. She had just wanted a quiet night together with Rainbow Dash, even if it was just as friends. She was glad for any time she got to spend with the rainbow-haired pegasus.

Fluttershy began to stack up the plates on the table as her thoughts ran through her head, 'I doubt Rainbow will want to have dinner with me again after tonight…she already doesn't hang out with me often because of quietness, being too shy to want to pull pranks, not being a strong flyer to fly together, hardly able to stand up for myself…'

Fluttershy stopped her stacking as she mentally kicked herself over every flaw. She sat down on the ground as she felt the depression setting back in, 'But…I like her because she's everything I'm not…' she felt a twinge of pain, 'But that's also why she won't like me back…isn't it…'

Suddenly, a white blur appeared before her. Fluttershy was knocked out of her thoughts as she looked up, seeing a proud looking white bunny holding a hand up to his puffed out chest.

"…Huh?" Fluttershy said, almost shocked to see Angel standing there. "Angel? …You…You didn't have anything to do with this, did you?" Fluttershy asked in almost disbelief. Her question was answered by a rather proud nod from the little white rabbit.

Fluttershy felt her eye twitch as she stared at her little friend.

"Angel Bunny! What have you done!?" Fluttershy asked angry. She was truly angry. It was a feeling she was unused to, one she'd seldom felt before. "You ruined my dinner! You ruined my kitchen! You ruined my night with Rainbow Dash!" Fluttershy cried out at her little rabbit friend, as she felt the tears threatening to come back.

Angel looked uncaring back at the angry Fluttershy. He crossed his arms, before moving one of his hands in a circle next to his head before pointing at her again.

"I am NOT crazy! You've been a bad bunny Angel!" Fluttershy stomped her hoof. "Angel…I hate to do this, but you leave me no choice now!" Fluttershy moved forward and grabbed the rabbit by the back of the neck with her mouth. Angel squirmed and struggled against Fluttershy's grip. She walked over to an empty bird cage she had set up in the living room that she would normally use to help her sleeping birds. She opened the cage door and dropped Angel inside and closed the door locking it.

"I'm sorry Angel, but you're in time out!" Fluttershy said turning away from the cage and heading back to the kitchen as she could hear Angel rattling the cage in his attempts to escape.
As I promised, here is the first entry in my next Fanfic, Too Shy for a Rainbow.

For those wondering, it's a shipping fic (gasp and horror). It's a lot more light-hearted then Silent Ponyville was, so I hope you'll still get some enjoyment out of it. It took me a moment to get into the proper writing groove, but once I hit my stride it felt right writing again~

Heehee, I got some surprises in store for you folks, I hope you're ready for em ^^

Awesome cover picture by :iconlunafyre:
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Great start.
XSmay Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011
part two plzz :)
AjaxIsIn Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011
Hmm... cook in saltwater.. *Begins writing mental note until my eyes trail over an excerpt about an aerial carrot*
What the..!? ....Well played, Angel. Well played, Jake (or should I call you Sam?). Now I'm hooked.
jake-heritagu Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Both Jake and Sam work ^_^
AjaxIsIn Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
Either way, can't wait to read more! I've already finished part 2, and I'm glad to finally see the silent ponyville reference. Keep up the good work Sam! ^^
Paprika1 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011
keep going
gamma102 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011
Hey jake-heritagu if your reading this I just wanna say that this story is AWESOME!

But just for me... could you do me a favor?

Have fluttershy REALLY snap! I wanna see her gone insane! I wan't to see her go "super sayian" insane!

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